Guest Post from Billie Stock: Top 3 reasons to FINALLY book a professional Boudoir Session

People. If you don't know who Billie Stock is, you are sorely missing out. She is an AMAZING photographer here in town who specializes in Boudoir Photography and I am in awe of what I see her post every day. Her work is stunning and downright inspiring. So, naturally, I reached out to Billie to write some words of wisdom for you fine people so you can get a glimpse in to the world of wedding boudoir photography. It's not something I offer (because honestly, I don't know what the hell I'm doing when it comes to that particular genre), so I wanted a pro to lay it out for you. So! Without any further ado, here is Billie's post on the Top 3 Reasons to FINALLY book a professional Boudoir Session!

{ Boudoir: a woman's bedroom or private room. }

Boudoir - the sexiest way to say "I love you" to your significant other on or before your big day, anniversary, or just because. A watch or tie is a nice... but the gift of boudoir is an unforgettable way to give your relationship a spark or just celebrate YOU. Here are three reasons to finally take the leap "into the sheets" in your favorite bra & panties.

The gift that lasts a lifetime
Photography is unique and so amazing in the fact that it really does last a lifetime. One single photograph has the ability to transport us back in time to the exact moment which they were created. Not only will the physical photographs last a lifetime, but those feelings captured in that frame will last as well. This is not only a gift to your significant other, but to YOU. This is important because you are so incredibly beautiful & a boudoir session will help you discover a new found confidence in yourself. You will feel like you can conquer the world. Your other half will notice this new love for yourself, making it a great addition to the relationship in all aspects. You will look at the photographs and have a reminder that you are beautiful no matter what which will last for a lifetime.

Give any relationship a voltage boost
Whether you are early in the relationship, or you are with your high school sweetheart, this is the gift sure to create a buzz. They would most likely never expect this kind of a gift from you which makes it even better. This is going to give a little *spark* between the two of you. They already think you are the most gorgeous thing on the planet but this will be a sure way to get them even more excited than before to start a new life with you! Getting married soon? Surprise them with your gorgeous "little black book" before the ceremony or on the first night of your honeymoon. So much fun. (PPS. Make sure to tell your photographer to capture this moment if you give it before the ceremony! You're not going to want to miss this reaction!)

Celebrate YOU. 
Lets face it, whether you are planning a wedding, nurturing a new relationship or just needing a boost, life can be super stressful. We all know how hard you work every single day. It's time to take a break from the grind and plan something just. for. YOU. A professional boudoir session is a great time to pamper yourself. It's a great time to sit back, celebrate YOU and how amazingly beautiful you are! A session may just be that little confidence boost you've been searching for. Check out the back of the camera during your shoot - you may laugh and/or cry when you really see how flawless you are. That's the whole point! A session is also a great time to test out your wedding-night lingerie, incorporate your veil and maybe even a few sexy shots with his tie to make their imagination run wild! Tip: Schedule your wedding hair and makeup trial run the same day as your session! This way your session look matches similarly to your wedding day when they open their gift!

One last thing that's so important to know and remember - Boudoir is for every. body. Every size. Every shape. You don't have to be a supermodel or have the "perfect" beach body. Boudoir is a celebration of you - just as you are in this moment. All of your curves, bumps, flaws and imperfections are beautiful and what make you YOU. Whether you are getting married or just doing this to celebrate your body and beauty - there is no better time than the present. A session is your time to claim back your femininity and flaunt it with no regrets or worries. Relax, laugh and enjoy yourself. You will be pampered from your first consultation, to when you walk into the studio for the first time - all the way to picking up your order. You will feel like the queen that you are. I absolutely love making women of all shapes and sizes realize how absolutely beautiful and worthy they are of self love. Now is the time to celebrate you, just as you are without the need of heavy photoshop or unrealistic editing. It's time to let your personality and features shine through - and they will.. Beautifully!

If you are ready to take the next step, I would absolutely love to talk with you about scheduling your very own session. Feel free to reach out at any time with questions & thanks for taking the time to read!

Stay gorgeous.

Billie Stock
Boudoir by Billie in Columbia, MO