Outdoor Wedding Photography: 3 Reasons Why It’s My Favorite

As some of you may have noted, King’s Things has decided to focus services primarily on outdoor wedding photography. I thought it would be helpful if I took a few minutes to explain to all of y’all why we chose this specific kind of wedding as our focus so you have a better idea of what we value and where were focus our passions. Maybe I’ll even give you a few reasons to plan your own outdoor wedding while I am at it. *wink wink*

I’m not gonna lie to you: the biggest reason I *started* with outdoor photography was the ease of it: the sun provides all the light you need so there was no need for fancy lighting equipment or other super expensive gear when I got started. All I needed was a camera a pair of comfortable shoes to get the photos that clients wanted. Fast forward 10 years and you’ll see that I now have all of that fancy lighting equipment and super expensive gear and I STILL love outdoor weddings...in fact, I think I love them more now than ever. Here are some reasons why:

The outdoors is my happy place

If you have followed me or my Instagram account at any point in time over the past several years, you *know* my favorite place on earth to be is on one of Missouri’s numerous trails with my puppy. We have walked almost every trail in Columbia countless times and they never ever get old for me. I also love gardening, having picnics in my backyard or at a park, traveling to new places and seeing all of the awesome outdoor places that Columbia and the surrounding areas have to offer. Through my experiences in all of these places, I have learned how to see the beauty we have at our fingertips everywhere, at anytime of year. Because of that, I feel I have a unique perspective on this beautiful landscape we are so lucky to call home. I feel at home when I step out of my front door and I feel the same way at every outdoor wedding we’ve done.

Speaking of Missouri Landscape...

The Missouri Landscape…

...IS STUNNING. I mean, seriously y’all. Have you *seen* how pretty our state is? I mean, for real.

We’ve got rolling hills, lakes, rivers, wheat fields, flower fields, vineyards, a bagillion kinds of trees (that turn colors magnificently in the Fall, in case you hadn’t noticed :) ) in several different state and national parks, bluff tops around every corner, many many valleys and if you go far enough south we even have mountains. Mountains, y’all. Mountains.

These backdrops are naturally stunning and make a perfect backdrop for any kind of wedding. ANNNND they provide a ridiculous amount of variety in a small amount of space, so we will be able to create a breath-taking album without having to drive all around the Missouri countryside to find a diverse set of landscapes.

The Challenges Are So Very Rewarding

As I mentioned earlier, when we got started without door weddings we did it because we thought it would be easy. We learned very quickly that they can actually be quite challenging. Weather (especially in Missouri) can be veeeery unpredictable, the sun doesn’t always give off the most flattering light, and you never really know what kind of conditions you are going to find yourself in when photographing in an outdoor situation. The first time it rained for an outdoor wedding, my first thought was “we’re screwed.”

But then I had an almost life-changing epiphany: we weren’t screwed, we were just the opposite! We were outrageously lucky! This was the perfect opportunity to use all of our creative juices to capture awesome, unique photos that I *knew* the bride and groom would love. We just had to think outside the box and use the unique situation in our favor. Ever since that moment, I have thrived on the idea that every wedding will have it’s challenges and that our team gets to push the envelope and try new things to get the best shots possible, not matter the conditions. It makes our job exciting and fun, which I think shines through in the photos we take.

For example, it rained at this wedding, but you'd never really know it! We found ways to cut out the gloomy skies and deter from the wet surroundings. 

Monroe Ceremony Full Color-29.jpg

Another example of this was Katie and Alan’s wedding at Echo Bluff State Park a little over a week ago. For those of you in the area, you know it had been in the 60-70’s for weeks and then that one solitary weekend, rain and snow and freezing temperatures found its way into the forecast. We all were naturally concerned since the ceremony and most of the planned photography was to take place outside of the gorgeous lodge they have at the park. But I knew we’d still get great photos, no matter the weather. We scoped out beautiful places inside the lodge for photos, found ways to hide the grey skies for all of the formal portraits (by cropping out the sky and also taking photos at night!), used unique locations (like a playground!) to hide the fact that we were freezing out there and used heaters and blankets to keep the guests warm when it was finally decided we were keeping the ceremony outside. It turned out to be one of the most fun and challenging weddings and the pictures are gorgeous! I'm still working on editing their wedding, but here is an example of what we were able to do:

So there you have it folks, our top 3 reasons for choosing outdoor photography as our favorite. I encourage all of you out there hunting for a location for your wedding to check out all of the awesome outdoor venues and parks and see if any of them fit your vision for the day. There are several options, including local, state and national parks and a few local venues (Alpine Gardens, Cherry Hill Event Center, Carnahan Memorial Gardens and Les Bourgeois Winery just to name a few!) that are very close by and worth checking out. If you have any questions about good outdoor locations for weddings, drop us a line and we can chat with you about some of our favorites for photography.

That’s it for this week, folks! We will be talking to you soon.