The most exciting news pretty much ever....

YOU GUUUUUYS you guys you guys you. guys.

Today is a very exciting day here at King’s Things! As some of you may have noticed, things have been a tinsy bit quiet over here lately but I promise, cross my heart, it’s been for very good reasons. I’ve been cranking out a new website, developing some new branding (yay logo!) and working out a very detailed master plan to take over the world, one photo at a time! As you can imagine, that has taken some time and serious attention to accomplish. BUT! Now that things are up and running somewhat smoothly, it is time announce (drum roll, please!) the official launch of the brand spankin’ new King’s Things Blog! Hizzah!

From here on out, the website and the facebooks and the twitterverse and the Instagrams will be a-buzz with all Things King and OMG I AM SO EXCITED TO SHARE EVERYTHING WITH YOU. Ahem. Erm. So very sorry about the digital’s just that I am so darn excited about this you guys!!! Seriously. I’m giddy. You ready for this? Here’s a little taste of what’s to come:

Things to expect from the new blog!

  • All things wedding photography related, including:
    • How to pick the best wedding photographer
    • Using Pinterest to get better wedding photos
    • Setting your wedding timeline with photography in mind
    • Best places in Mid-Mo for engagement photos
    • Venue reviews
    • Vendor recommendations
    • Much, much more….
  • Sneak peeks into the weddings of King’s Things clients on their wedding day.
  • A few tips and tricks on other kinds of photography as well including newborn photography, headshots, family photos and more.
  • Behind the scenes looks into King’s Things photos and how we made them.
  • Little bits and baubles about me and my life adventures.
  • Probably most definitely pictures of my new baby nephew, Oliver.
  • Maybe even some terrible jokes from time-to-time.

And you know what? That is just the tip of the iceberg, y’all. I have so much stuff hiding up my sleeve, so many adventures and knowledge to share with you and today is the day that we start it all. Today this new little baby blog takes it’s first step into the world and I am so glad you were here to join me for it. So! Make sure you come back and see me and follow along this awesome journey we are going on. I will see you next week! It’s gonna be quite the party.

Much love,