Why Engagement Photos are Important

Y’all. Engagement photos. are. important! I seriously cannot stress this enough. I often hear brides hem and haw about whether or not they should take the time and energy to get these photos taken and I always alway always recommend that they do. I do this because I think they are one of the most valuable things a couple planning their wedding can do and I do not want any bride to miss out on the benefits they provide.

So why do I think these extra sessions are so important?

Because they will make your wedding photos a million times better.

And in the end, that is my main goal: that you walk away with wedding photos that you are 100% percent in love with and cannot wait to show the world. And honestly? I know the best way we get to that end goal is by booking an engagement session together.

So how does this work exactly, you ask? Grab your coffee and take a seat ‘cuz I am about to tell ya!

One of the biggest concerns I hear from my couples before the wedding day is that they think they are awkward in front of a camera and that they “aren’t photogenic.” They’re scared that when the time comes for me to start taking pictures that they are going to freeze and look bad for every single photo of the day. And I definitely understand that feeling. I’d be lying to you if I said I loved being on the other side of camera; I know it’s unnerving to have one pointed at you! I totally get it.

But a *huge* part of my job is to make sure you look good in every photo. So I have developed a great system for teaching the couples I work with tips and tricks on how to look absolutely flawless in their photos, not matter how awkward they think they are in front of a camera. I call it my Mini Posing Workshop and guys? It works every single time. I’ve studied all the posing tricks in the book so I know how to emphasize features you want highlighted and how to de-emphasize the ones you tell me you want on the back burner. I also know ways to make you look casual and candid so the photos don’t feel stiff, posed or forced. And I teach you all of that before I ever pick up a camera.

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The problem I run into on wedding days is finding the time to teach this little workshop in between hair appointments, first looks etc. etc. A wedding timeline is already cramped and almost always runs behind. There just isn’t time to go through everything and I end up finding myself having to take precious time away from actual photo taking to explain posing and reassuring the couples that the pose they are doing will look good in the final photo. This cuts down on the number and variety of photos we can capture in our limited time frame on the wedding day.  No bueno.

With an engagement session, on the other hand, we have the time to go through the posing workshop together before the session starts AND as we move through the session I will have time to show you the photos and make 100% sure you’re loving them as we go. If you see something you want me to tweak? We have the time to talk it through and try again. We’ll develop our own little system for getting the perfect pictures of you and your fiancé without the time crunch and pressure of a typical, chaotic wedding day timeline. And then (this is the best part), when the wedding day comes you already know the tricks and the poses that work best for you and we can spend more time creating photos together and less time going over the mechanics of a good pose.

See what I mean when I say engagement photos can be the most valuable thing a couple can do for their wedding photos?! They are a great tool for all of us and will make the photography portion of your wedding day an absolute breeze. You’ll walk away from your wedding knowing for a fact that you’re going to love the photos when they are delivered and you’ll have that much less to worry about on a day that tends to be very stressful.

So that is a long way of saying that if you are the fence about getting engagement photos made, I definitely would recommend jumping off on the “heck yes” side of the yard. I cannot express to you how much you’ll get back from that investment when all is said and done. And you know what’s going on on the King’s Things Facebook Page right now? We are giving away one of these extremely valuable engagement sessions FOR FREE. That’s right, my friend. You heard me right: Free. Engagement. Session.  Head on over to the facebook page or check out this post for more details on how to enter. Deadline to enter is Feb 28th at midnight (CST)!

Can’t wait to see ya there!

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