Welcome Tiffany and Zach!! Woo!

important dates:

Wedding Day: May 26th, 2018

Engagement Session: N/A

Final Payment Due: May 19th, 2018

Final Meeting with Lindsey: Sometime between May 12th and May 19th, 2018 (this can happen over Skype).  

The final meeting is to set the final timeline, organize our final shot lists and go over anything and everything about the wedding day. If you have any questions about these things between now and then, please let us know! We will reach out when the date gets closer to set an actual meeting date and time. 

In the meantime...

Here are links to the stuff you'll need while planning the most bomb-diggity wedding photos the world has ever seen:


Start here


Sign into your client portal for access to your contract, invoices, meeting notes etc.

Link: Client Portal!

Username: tiffanyshannon

Password: tiffanyshannon


shot lists and vip


Make sure we don't miss a single important shot by preparing detailed Wedding Guest VIP list. 


Wedding Guest VIP List

Wedding Photo Prep

John and Annie Web-38.jpg

What to expect during our pre-wedding prep phase and get started planning your amazing wedding photos!

Wedding Photography Prep

Start Pinning


Start your Pinterest board following the directions in the post linked below. Don't forget to invite me to the board so I can see it!

How Pinterest Might Ruin Your Wedding Photos


Set your Timeline


Begin riddling out the photography timeline for the Wedding Day using these resources:

First Look Vs. No Look

Wedding Timeline with Photography in Mind