Stressing about your wedding photos?

You have probably been day dreaming about your wedding pictures since the moment your honey put a ring on it, right? You can imagine exactly what they'll look like on your wall and in the album and the excitement of actually seeing them is one of the only things getting you through the chaos that is planning for your wedding. 

And then you sit down to plan the thing and a little bit of panic sets in...



"But...but...HOW do I *know* I'll get amazing wedding photos?" 

There are a ton of decisions to make while planning your wedding, probably some you don't even know about, all of which may affect the quality of your images...where do you even start?

Don't panic, my friend!

Amazing wedding photography is actually quite simple to come by. All it takes is planning and organization. Easy peasy, right?

That is where the Ultimate Wedding Photography Planning System comes in. 

Why do you need a system for planning wedding photos, you may ask?

Because amazing wedding photography doesn't just happen out of the blue. You can't just hire an great photographer and POOF every photo is perfect and looks exactly the way you hoped and dreamed.

Instead, it takes a lot of careful planning. Everything from the photographer you choose down to the way you set up your timeline will have an effect on your pictures and we want to help you do those things in a way that guarantees photographic perfection. 

To help you out, we have created a planner AND a step-by-step course that will walk you through each and every thing you need to do. Follow our lead and your pretty much guaranteed to get the wedding images you have been dreaming of. 

What's Inside?

In this planner/course combo, we will walk you through the How-To's of:

  • Defining your visual preferences so you know what kind of photos you want
  • Using that visual preference to narrow down and hire the best wedding photographer for your specific wedding
  • Planning the perfect engagement session including picking times, locations and outfits
  • Using the engagement session as a tool for getting better wedding photos
  • Finding the best places in your venue for photos AND how to work with less-than-ideal times and locations
  • Making a timeline that allows for great photography 
  • Creating perfect (and helpful) shot lists for your photographer to use
  • Knowing what to do with your photos once the wedding is over