Module 1: Visual Preference

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You guys. I am obsessed with Pinterest. I’ve been a member since it was in Beta and OMG I am Obsessed. Obsessed obsessed obsessed. Did I mention I was obsessed? Because I am obsessed. (I’ve got a bottomless cup of coffee from Coffee Zone in my hand, y’all…apologies…). And if I am correct in my assumptions, you probably are a little obsessed too. If not, I am guessing you or your fiancé have probably started a wedding pin board so you are at least a little bit familiar with the basis of my obsession (last time I use that word, promise). Pinterest is seriously one of the best ways to get your wits about you when it comes to wedding planning and it can be so so helpful when it comes time to plan for your wedding photos.

But here’s the thing: you must be careful with the great and powerful tool that is a Pinterest wedding photo board. Like a wizard with a very powerful wand, much evil can be done if is used improperly. With one wrong click, you can become the Voldemort of your own wedding photos and you don’t want to be Voldemort do you? No one wants to be Voldemort.

(Seriously…this coffee…it’s legit.)

Let me explain myself and my poorly articulated/highly caffeinated Harry Potter references so you can follow me here.

The original purpose for Pinterest was to create boards that inspire you, yes? And when it comes to food and crafts and quotes and books and house decor, I believe it is doing just that. But with wedding planning? With wedding planning Pinterest is being used as a step-by-step guide for executing each aspect of the day. You pin it? You’re probably going to do it (or at least do your favorites). This is totally cool when it comes to picking the decorations and the favors and bridesmaids hair styles etc. because you can recreate it exactly. There are tutorials. You get exactly what you see.

With wedding photography, however, approaching the board this way can cause a bit of a problem. Why? Because 1) you can’t recreate the photos exactly and you’ll probably be unhappy with the results if you try and 2) those photos were taken of a different couple by a different photographer in a different venue. If you go to a photographer and ask them to copy your wedding pin board shot for shot, something is not going to feel right because it wasn’t inspired by you and your story. Something will You won’t love them. Big problem, right?

BUT WAIT! Don’t go and delete your pin board just yet! I still need you to make one! You just need to approach them a little differently and…you guys…this one little switch in your thinking will completely transform how you see your wedding photos and you'll love love love them in the end. Like love them the way Dobby loved Harry Potter kind of love them. I’m serious.

So what do you do?

First thing's first: we gotta riddle out what your visual tastes are like. All wedding photographers have different artistic styles and, while most of their portfolios are truly awe-inspiring, we want to nail down what kind of styles and looks you prefer so you can hire one that fits your preference.  This step is super important because if you hire a photographer who has a style that doesn't mesh with your tastes, your photos may be beautiful but you may not like them as much as you could.


Start a brand spanking new Pinterest board. I know you probably already have one started for planning the wedding, but start a new one that can stand alone as your go-to inspiration board for wedding photography.


Search "wedding photography," and pin about 20-30 photos that catch your eye. PLEASE NOTE! I did not say pin every photo you want to try to create at your wedding. I said photos that catch your eye. We're not creating a shot list with this pin board, we are trying to get an idea of what kind of photos you find aesthetically pleasing.


Now, go through this board and narrow your choices down to about 15 images. Keep the ones that you love the most and ditch the ones that you liked but you didn't necessarily love. Remember, our goal with this planner is to get you wedding photos you absolutely love, right?


Go through your final 15 images and change their descriptions, noting exactly what it was you loved about the photos. Was it the lighting? The location? Something about how the couple was posed (and if so, what about the pose did you like?)? Really dig deep on this step, my friend, and get as specific as you can..  (To edit your pin, click on it and then click the pencil icon in the top left-hand corner).


Now, take a good look at the board as a whole. Do you see any major patterns about the style of the photos you chose?


In your planner, work out some of these patterns and identify what kind of styles you want to look for when selecting your wedding photographer.