Module 7: Wedding Prep - VIP List

progress 7.png

Weddings are big events. They can be downright huge! Even some of the smallest weddings usually have over 100 people in attendance and it can sometimes be difficult to sufficiently photograph everyone over the course of the day. If the photographer doesn't know who the really important people are at the wedding, we can sometimes miss capturing those nearest and dearest to you when photographing the reception. We understand that not getting photos of those who matter most can in many cases be devastating for the couple. That is why over here at King's Things we are big fans of the Wedding Guest VIP List. What is this magical list we speak of, you ask? Let me tell you!

A Wedding Guest VIP List is a document the bride and groom create that let's us photographers know (and see!) the most important people at the wedding. This usually includes the bridal party, immediate family, and very close friends. The list should be fairly concise, around 15-20 people tops, so that it is easy for us to keep track them throughout the day.

To make a Wedding Guest VIP List

  1. Start by listing out their names in your planner (or a word document of some kind)
  2. Next to their names, put who they are or their roll for the day so your photographer knows where they fit into your story.
  3. Next, if there are any special notes the photographer needs to know about these folks when interacting with them be sure to put those with the name so we know.
  4. After all of that is listed out, run over to their Facebook page, snag their most recent profile picture and insert it next to their names. This way we can see their faces when we pull this document up on their phone or iPad at the wedding and can identify them without having to bug anyone on the day.
  5. When all is done, save the document as a PDF and send it to your photographer so they can make sure that we don't miss a single one of these very important people at your wedding.

Here is an example of it filled out:

VIP example.png

Note: the note about her not being married to the FOB anymore is important because it is possible the photographer will not know this and will try to get photos of the FOB and MOB together, which would be awkward. Little notes like this can go a long way to keeping the peace on what can be a stressful day for friends and family as well as the couple.