Module 8: Wedding Prep - Final Checklists

progress 8.png

Alrighty! We are now in the home stretch and it is time to get all of your ducks in a row. So! Head on over to your planner and pull out your final checklist. We're going to go through it point by point. 

In the year before:

The first section is just making sure you have gone through the first seven modules of this course and have done everything in that. Ideally, all of this will be done between the time you book your photographer and the month before the wedding. If you try to do any of that stuff in the last month before, the process may be rushed and you may forget things or not do them too well. 

The last thing in this section is to sit down with your photographer at least once during this time to go over your preferences etc. This may just mean sending them an email with the info or giving them a phone call to go over all of it. Just make sure you are touching base with them and giving them as much info as you can to help them prepare for your day. 

The week before the wedding:

One of the most important steps during this time is to make sure everyone who will be involved with photos gets a copy of your timeline. Wedding party, family, vendors - all of them should get a copy so that they know where you will be and when photos are happening. This will help them make sure they know where to be when AND will help them not get in the way of photos staying on track. 

This is also the time to wrap up loose ends - make sure you've paid your photographer their final payment, make sure the timeline is still accurate and there are no questions, and make sure you have a day-of contact that the photographer can reach if they need to get in touch with you. You will be super busy getting ready for the wedding and may not be able to get to your phone if they call. 

The night before the wedding:

Hopefully by this point, everything is set up and ready to go and all you have to do is relax and get ready to enjoy your day. One proactive thing you can do is go over the timeline again for yourself and make sure your honey has a copy as well. You may not be able to see or speak to them before the first look or the ceremony, so making sure you both are on the same page in regards to the schedule will be really important. 

Beyond that, just make sure you are plenty hydrated and get a full night's sleep so you can look and feel your best tomorrow. It's going to be a long, fun, amazing day. 

The day of the wedding:

At this point, you shouldn't have to worry about anything concerning the wedding photos. Your photographer has everything they need to successfully get you through all of that, including backup plans if the weather is crappy. Relax and let them take the reigns. 

One thing you will want to know is that wedding timelines almost never stay on track. This will be okay! You built time buffers into your schedule and your photographer should know where your priorities are. They will be able to help you navigate any schedule mishaps and make sure in the end you will get what you want. Your job during this time is to be flexible and work with the photographer to keep things moving when at all possible. 

Other than that, just sit back and enjoy the day. And be sure to take time to look around and see the day as it happens. It will go by in a flash, try to experience as much of it as you can!