Module 9: After the Wedding

progress 9.png

Before we dive in, take a second to take a HUGE breath. You did it! You got through one of the most stressful and amazing things you will put together in your life. All of the fist-pumps and bell kicks! Proud. of. you!

Now, there are a few things you will want to take care of now that everything is done so that you can fully experience and appreciate your photos. 

First of all, check with your photographer to see when you should expect your photos to be finished and delivered. Every photographer has different process for this, so be sure to make a note of when yours expects to be finished. 

While you wait, start planning places in your house that you will want to hang the photos and make a list of all the people you want to gift photos to when they arrive. Also be thinking about whether or not you want to use the images for a thank you card or for future gifts to friends and family (check out our blog post about using wedding photos as gifts for the holidays here).

Once photos are delivered, take some time to go through them one-by-one and relive the day. Chances are there are a lot of things you didn't see or have forgotten about. This can be a very special way to relive the day and help you and your honey remember it forever. 

Then, do anything you need to do to preserve them for the long haul. If you got digital files, make sure they are backed up several times (see instructions laid out in the Engagement Shoot module) and organize/store any physical prints you have so that they will last as long as possible. 

Lastly, if you truly enjoyed your photos and the experience with your photographer, be sure to send them a review in an email or on their website/Facebook page. Also consider sharing your experience with your friends and family so they know your photographer was awesome. Your photographer may even offer a referral rewards program that can get you discounted prints or future sessions if someone you know books them, so check with them on that!

One quick thing to note: as you share your images online and with other folks, be sure to give credit to your photographer while you do so. Some photographers require this with their contracts but not all of us do. It is just a nice courtesy to give them a little shoutout when posting so folks know where your amazing images come from.